Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
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Hiking near Merano / Meran & Nordic Walking

Hiking – Merano/Meran & its many facets

Hiking in Merano / Meran and surroundings is one of the most wonderful summer activities in South Tyrol. The mountains surrounding Merano / Meran - the Texel group, the Hirzer region and Merano 2000 - are highly manifold, offering a never-ending amount of trails.

Also Nordic Walking fans will get their money's worth. In the extensive Nature.Fitness.Park ranging from Scena/Schenna to the Hirzer region to Merano 2000, you find various Nordic Walking trails (from easy to difficult), offering a great alternative to hiking near Merano / Meran.

Our tips for you

Sisi Trail
The Sisi Trail, leading you directly to the gardens of Trauttmansdorff castle is situated just in front of the hotel. Hiking in Merano / Meran is particularly lovely on this trail. Besides, here you find a lot of facts about Empress Sisi who once resided at Hotel Bavaria.

Hiking on Merano 2000
The sunny high plain above the spa town is reachable by cable car in only few minutes and situated 10 minutes from our Hotel Bavaria in Merano / Meran! Hiking on the Merano / Meran high trail is also highly popular; the trail is about 100 km long and can be covered in 3 to 8 days.

Walking by the water in South Tyrol
Hiking in Merano / Meran and surroundings is full of possibilities: follow the path along the ancient irrigation channels in Maia/Mais or explore one of the other so-called "waalwege" in Merano and environs!

Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch
Take the cable car in Lana near Merano / Meran up to Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch and you are at the heart of nature! Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch is a car-free zone, ensuring you absolute peace. Take a walk to the little church, the Bärenbader alpine resort or the lake. Visit one of the inviting restaurants on the way and enjoy relaxing hours without noise. Hiking in Merano / Meran and surroundings is a dream!

Enjoy Nordic Walking and hiking near Merano / Meran and spend an unforgettable, active summer holiday! We are glad to offer you further advice, providing you with information about routes and possibilities around Nordic Walking and hiking in Merano / Meran.

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