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Wellness Hotel Merano - enjoy our massages & treatmentsWellness Hotel Merano - enjoy our massages & treatments
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Massages at the Merano wellness hotel


The slow and rhythmic strokes have a deeply relaxing effect on the nervous system and reduce stress, relaxing the body and mind, bringing you into the present moment. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and enhanced wellbeing at our Merano wellness hotel.

If you need more than a relaxing massage …


This treatment is completely bespoke, catered to your needs and concerns.  After localizing the pain or weak points of your body, we treat you to improve your health, vitality and resistance at our wellness hotel in Merano.

The Cranio Sacral therapy is a deeply therapeutic ritual for holistic treatment of the following problems: stress, tensions, megrim headache, chronic neck or back pain. The treatment alleviates pain, brings total balance and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed. It is a celebration for your cells, as the treatment works on knots, tensions and tightness by gentle touches. The Cranio Sacral treatment is carried out in light cotton clothes.

According to your wishes and needs we massage parts of your body like back, head, neck or legs.

This treatment is highly recommended, if you suffer from pain in your back or neck or from hardened muscles. We work with moxibustion, cupping and treatments of the body’s meridians and acupressure to activate the flow of chi through your body. The self-healing powers of your body are stimulated and you will feel totally relaxed.

Find inner balance. The singing bowls are placed on parts of your body while being chimed in order to create varying sounds and vibrations. These sounds stimulate the flow of energy in your body to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation and to stimulate the self-healing powers of your body at our wellness hotel in Merano.


During this treatment you wear light cotton clothes.

The massage with honey is a traditional treatment to relieve tensions in the back with effective massage strokes that also stimulate blood circulation. The back massage with South Tyrolean honey has a detoxifying, harmonising effect and leaves your skin smoother and softer.

Take a load off your feet – your feet reflect your whole body. With a reflexology massage we activate the flow of chi – the energy of life – in your organism to make you feel more balanced. Furthermore it stimulates your metabolism and helps your body to detoxify. It has harmonising effects on the whole body.

The Stone Pine Oil Massage nurtures body, mind and soul and boosts your energy level. It relieves tensions and pain in your muscles, reduces stress and leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. The Stone Pine Oil has a stimulating effect on your immune system and at the same time has anti-inflammatory effects. The massage has the soothing effect of a walk through the forest.

The feeling of being at the sea side, created by the use of sea salt and essential oils, leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Salt from the Dead Sea with precious minerals and natural trace minerals nourishes your skin. A gentle scrub exfoliates dead or encrusted skin, stimulating the circulation, increasing the metabolism and detoxifying the body. The result is a velvety-soft and well-circulated skin.

This treatment is an ancient healing massage from Hawaii. It is a truly healing experience that harmonizes and cleans body, mind and spirit and stimulates the self-healing powers of your body. The massage reduces tensions, increases your metabolic rate and cleanses mind and body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. We use palms, hands, arms, elbows to make broad, flowing strokes. The massage helps you to free your body, mind and soul from blockage and stabilizes the mind to face new possibilities.

This treatment in our wellness hotel in Merano is an Ayurdvedic ritual that will leave you feeling relaxed. It nourishes your body and has positive effects on stress, insomnia, nervousness and exhaustion. It also energises your belly, large bowels and pelvis for more vitality.

Facials at the Merano wellness hotel

face & scrubs

Indulge in the nourishing and rejuvenating effects of the natural products of our South Tyrolean beauty line. We nourish the skin of your face, collar and décolleté. Cleanse, scrub, restoring mask and a relaxing and soothing facial massage top off the treatment (no deep cleanse).

Wraps at the Merano wellness hotel


All the extracts of the Vitalis Dr. Joseph beauty products take best effect with steam and detoxify your body while you can relax. The treatment is complete with a back or neck massage and a cup of wellness tea and relax time afterwards.


Fango: anti-inflammatory effect, increasing circulation and stimulating metabolism, relaxing, detoxing, aids in case of rheumatism, female disorders and joint complaints.


Algae: detoxifying, de-acidifying, mineralising and lifting effect. Positive in fighting cellulite.


Apple: rich in vitamins, minerals and pectines and has a regenerating and rejuvenating effect, leaving your skin look refreshed and lifted.

Wellness at the hotel in Merano, South Tyrol

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spa indulgence

Treat yourself to some ultimate spa experiences. Leave the stresses of the everyday behind. Take some time to listen to your body’s needs in your well-earned holiday at the wellness hotel in Merano, South Tyrol. Do yourself something good. Indulge in Villa Bavaria’s spa rituals. Our expert spa team takes you on an unforgettable voyage of the senses with fragrant aromas, gentle touches and peaceful ambience. Enjoy your time in our peaceful retreat where you can de-stress in sublime facilities.

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