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Tyrol castle & the other castles in Merano and environs

Tyrol castle, Rametz castle, Thurnstein castle... 

Tyrol castle and the other castles in Merano and environs are popular destinations, if you are interested in the culture and history of South Tyrol. Most castles in Merano and environs are in perfect condition and still used today as a home for museums, showcasing the most multi-faceted themes, for restaurants, wine cellars or cafés or as a venue for various events - like Tyrol castle or Scena castle.

This means that a visit to Tyrol castle or another castle in Merano and environs generally holds a blissful experience of some sort or another: a gentle stroll, a delicious, light lunch in a (literally) royal ambience or a musical event in front of an impressive scenery. Visit Tyrol castle, Scena castle and the other castles in Merano and environs and feel just like a knight or damsel. Let the architectonic and historic treasures of the region take you away and discover the many castles in Merano and environs!

Tyrol castle and other spectacular castles in Merano / Meran

Tyrol Castle
Built around 1140, Tyrol castle offered the domicile for the counts of Tyrol and today home for the country museum for culture and history in South Tyrol. In summer you find a variety of highly attractive musical, culinary and cultural highlights in front of the magical and historic backdrop of Tyrol castle.

Thurnstein Castle
West of Tyrol castle in Tirolo/Dorf Tirol you find Thurnstein castle, which was mentioned for the first time in 1276. Today it is home to a restaurant and café, offering grand views to the Merano / Meran valley basin and the surrounding mountains.

Brunnenburg Castle
This stronghold is located - just like Tyrol Castle and Thurnstein Castle - in Tirolo/Dorf Tirol and was probably built around 1250. Today the castle is owned by the de Rachewiltz family. Count Boris de Rachewiltz and his wife Mary, the daughter of the renowned American writer Ezra Pound, acquired the Brunnenburg castle after the end of World War II and founded the Ezra Pound Centre for Literature in their new family home. Today the Brunnenburg castle is also home to the Brunnenburg Museum of Agriculture dedicated to farming culture in South Tyrol.

Rametz Castle
The former residence of the von Rametz family is situated in Laber, a district of Merano / Meran, and offers an idyllic site surrounded by vineyards. Today the Rametz castle is a popular destination for gourmets offering restaurant, wine cellar and a wine and bacon museum.

Pienzenau Castle
In Maia Alta / Obermais in Merano / Meran, not far from our Hotel Bavaria, you find one of the many castles in Merano / Meran. The Pienzenau castle was used by Benedictine monks from Bavaria as a place of peace and contemplations and is surrounded by a wonderful park. Today the castle is used as a venue for weddings, conferences, parties and other events.

Scena Castle
Scena castle near Merano / Meran was built in 1350. Today it hosts an impressive collection of weapons, paintings and antique furniture. Scena/Schenna castle, just like Tyrol castle, offers an impressive venue for musical, culinary and cultural events.

Juval Castle
This museum is one of the famous Messner Mountain Museums (MMM), dedicated to the myth "mountain" by extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, and situated in his castle at the entrance to the Senales/Schnals valley near Naturno/Naturns in the lower Val Venosta/Vinschgau valley. Juval castle is situated on a rock high above the valley and offers a heavenly view over the apple orchards, the villages and the surrounding mountains. Another MMM is located in Sigmundskron castle in Firmiano/Firmian near Bolzano/Bozen.

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