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Museums in Merano / Meran – exploring local history

Museums of Merano/Meran and surroundings – a little bit of culture

The museums in Merano / Meran and surroundings are multi-faceted and highly fascinating with many highlights for all those interested in history, culture and art. We made a small selection for you so you find insight into the many museums of Merano / Meran and surroundings.

Palais Mamming Museum
This museum, located only 5 minutes' walk from Hotel Bavaria, is the city museum of Merano / Meran, one of the oldest museums of the region. In April 2015 it was newly inaugurated in the renovated, truly impressive Palais Mamming. Here you will learn all there is to know about the historic development of Merano / Meran, starting in prehistoric times. Modern art, paintings by Tyrolean masters and curiosities such as an Egyptian mummy, Sudanese weapons and Napoleon's death mask are part of the items exhibited - offering a colourful mix with something for everyone.

Princely Castle
This museum in Merano / Meran is located in a castle at the heart of the spa town and is easily reachable by foot. The Princely Castle was built around 1470 and was once property of the Counts of Tyrol. Today the antique walls are home to historic musical instruments, antique furniture, kitchen utensils, every day objects, tiled stoves, frescos, portraits and weapons from long gone times.

Women's Museum
This museum in Merano / Meran is particularly interesting, if you are keen to find out about the role of women since 1820. The permanent exhibition illustrates a selection of clothing items and female accessories and showcases how the world of women used to be like and how it developed over the past - absolutely see-worthy!

South Tyrol Museum of Archaelogy
Beside the museums in Merano / Meran mentioned above, the South Tyrol Museum of Archaelogy in Bolzano/Bozen represents one of the most popular museums in South Tyrol. Here you get to visit the Ice Man Ötzi who has been one of the most discussed topics ever since his discovery - enjoy!

Powder Tower
The Powder Tower, standing proud on the Tappeiner Trail high above the Old Town of Merano / Meran, does not host a museum in Merano / Meran, but is nevertheless definitely worth a visit - if only for the breathtaking view over the spa town on the 20 m high platform. The powder tower once belonged to the Ortenstein castle and was then used as a storage for gun powder, which wasn't stored in the town itself. Today the powder tower is the only memory of the once acclaimed castle.

Railway World
In this museum near Merano / Meran, to be precise in Rablà/Rabland, you find a world of miniature trains: with a mini South Tyrol and a sheer endless amount of mini trains in all variations - an absolute highlight for collectors and all those who love trains. How to get to Rablà/Rabland? Of course by train!

Typewriter Museum
In Parcines/Partschins near Merano / Meran you find a unique museum exhibiting a great selection of typewriters from every epoque. This museum near Merano / Meran is particularly interesting for collectors and fans of this antique writing device.

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