Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
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Merano and environs & its many facets

Meran & environs is ideal to enjoy, celebrate, hike, discover...

Merano and environs is a highly popular and acclaimed holiday destination in South Tyrol. We at Hotel Bavaria in Merano / Meran believe: quite rightly so! Situated in an alpine area, Merano and environs is a highly multi-faceted holiday region, which has quite a few things to offer to its guests.

Especially the Mediterranean climate in Merano and environs will not leave you unimpressed. The close-to perfect combination of alpine and Mediterranean landscape, alpine and Mediterranean traditions and culinary art make of Merano and environs a heavenly beautiful region where you can pursue all kinds of activites - here boredom is non-existing.

Merano and environs & surrounding nature

The nature in Merano and environs is of seldom beauty. Such scenery, with is highly contradictory and highly harmonious at the same time, is hard to find. Spend mild summer nights under palms, surrounded by wild rhododendron, while enjoying a fresh aperitivo. Climb the mountain peaks of the Texel group and admire snowy glaciers - Merano and environs could not be more surprising. It is however the opposites which attract, in this case creating a highly attractive destination for a holiday in tune with nature.

An active holiday in Merano and environs is about extensive hikes on Merano 2000, the sunny high plain above the spa town, leisurely bike tours on one of the bike trails in Val d'Adige/Etschtal to Nordic Walking and golfing in South Tyrol amid a breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and smell the adventure while rafting or canyoning in the Passiria/Passer river or while cuising downhill in an alpine bob! Or glide freely in the sky like a soaring eagle, while paragliding.

Merano and environs & its traditions

People in South Tyrol, so also in Merano and environs, are very traditional and keep their ancient customs very much alive, making sure they are not forgotten. Merano and environs offer a variety of events, focusing on customs and tradition, the whole year round. "Törggelen" is an extremely popular tradition in South Tyrol, originally organised by farmers who invited their harvest aid to join them in a feast. The meals and drinks served then are still the same as today: filled pasta pockets ("Schlutzkrapfen"), savoury meats and sausages, roasted chestnuts, sweet doughnuts with jam or a nut or poppy seed filling and young wine.

One of the most traditional events in Merano / Meran is the grape festival in autumn, the most famous harvest festival in South Tyrol, which has been taking place on the third weekend of October every year since 1886. The highlight of this festival is the colourful Sunday parade with music and beautifully decorated festive cars.

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart, the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost, you can witness a spectacular sight in Merano and environs and everywhere in Tyrol. In memory of the "Sacred Heart promise" of 1796, which is believed to have helped Andreas Hofer in achieving the victory over the French, fires are lit on the mountain peaks - in the shape of hearts, crosses or a symbol for Christ.

If you would like to gain deeper insight into history, customs and traditions of Merano and environs, visit one of the many museums in Merano / Meran, Tyrol Castle or the many other castles in the holiday region.

Merano and environs for gourmets

The entire region of South Tyrol, especially Merano and environs, has a long history of Mediterranean and alpine culinary art. Sample alpine delicacies during your holidays here such as "Knödel" (dumplings) in all possible variations, cold cuts with "Speck" (smoked bacon), "Strudel" (apple pie) and "Schlutzkrapfen" (filled pasta pockets) and Mediterranean delights such as pasta dishes, fish or antipasti.

When preparing amuse-bouches the alpine or Mediterranean way, first-quality and regional products are of increasing importance here. In Merano and environs as well as in all other areas of South Tyrol, local produce is priority. Fresh, seasonal products and a simple, clean taste are in high demand. Today the kitchens of Merano and environs focus on alpine herbs, farm-grown produce, homemade juices and jams, bread from locally grown corn and much more, creating an extraordinarily refined tasting experience.

In our gourmet hotel in Merano / Meran, Hotel Bavaria in Maia Alta / Obermais, we mainly use fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients when preparing our 4-course dinner menus. Let the Mediterranean and alpine flavours take you away and find out how your visit to Merano and environs will prove itself to be truly unforgettable experience, for your palate and all of your senses!

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