Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
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Merano / Meran Kurhaus, an architectural jewel in the heart of town

Merano/Meran Kurhaus – site for numerous events

Merano/Meran's Kurhaus is one of the most popular and impressive sights in Merano / Meran. Merano / Meran Kurhaus was planned by architect Josef Czerny and inaugurated in 1874, after an intensive phase of planning and building. In the 1910s, architect Friedrich Ohmann took over the planning and extended Merano / Meran Kurhaus.

The renovations started in 1913 and on New Year's Eve 1914 the inauguration of the Rotunde and the great Kursaal took place in grand style. Tender stucco decorations, flower ornaments, gigantic window arcs and airy, light furniture gave the Merano / Meran Kurhaus a very special flair, which is still perfectly noticeable.

Today Merano / Meran Kurhaus is a highly popular venue hosting cultural and musical happenings. The Merano / Meran musical weeks, the Merano WineFestival, various balls, concerts and conferences take place in these stylish rooms. Visit Merano / Meran Kurhaus for yourself! It is located only a few minutes' walk from our Hotel Bavaria in Maia Alta / Obermais.

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