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Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
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Merano horse race track: place your bet!

Off to the Merano horse race track in Maia Bassa/Untermais!

The Merano horse race track with its long tradition is one of the largest and most beautiful of its kind in Europe. The Merano horse race track was inaugurated in 1935. Today it covers about 40 hectares. Situated in Maia Bassa/Untermais, it is not far from the city centre of Merano / Meran. The Merano horse race track organises horse races on 25 racing days from May to October.

The traditional Haflinger gallop race takes place every year on Easter Monday, offering a great spectacle for spectators of all ages. A special highlight on the Merano horse race track is also the last race of the season: the prestigious Grand Prix of Merano Forst. It took place for the first time in 1935, looking back at a history, which is as long as the one of the Merano horse race track itself.

So do not miss out on a race on the Merano horse race track during your wellness holiday in our Hotel Bavaria!

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