Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Merano & Environs
Kind service, gourmet bliss in elegant ambience, relaxation in the well-tended garden – all that is holiday in the Hotels Bavaria & Palma.
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Merano / Meran – shopping, culture & more

To Merano/Meran for shopping – exploring the Old Town

Merano / Meran and shopping are as inseparable as Merano / Meran and culture or Merano / Meran and culinary delights. Especially the Old Town of Merano / Meran with its romantic arcades where houses are gently nestled into each other, is the ideal place in Merano / Meran for shopping.

In the Old Town of Merano / Meran you find elegant designer boutiques next to little stores with handmade products. Here you find everything you may long for: from bags made of truck planes to felt houseshoes, extravagant jewellery, original T-shirts and traditional attire.

The Old Town of Merano / Meran is only a few minutes walk from our Hotel Bavaria, allowing you to explore Merano / Meran while shopping, but also while exploring its cultural and culinary treasures. St Nicholas Church, the Kurhaus, the Theatre, the inviting parlours serving traditional South Tyrolean cuisine, the elegant restaurants with fine cuisine, the pizzerias, Italian ice cream parlours, the stylish cocktail bars and much more - all this awaits you when shopping in Merano / Meran!

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