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Trauttmansdorff – flower paradise in Merano / Meran

Trauttmansdorff castle & botanical gardens

If you hear Trauttmansdorff, you cannot help but think of the botanical gardens of Merano / Meran, of Trauttmansdorff castle, situated at the heart of the lush estate and the Touriseum, the South Tyrolean museum of tourism. The botanical gardens, Touriseum and Trauttmansdorff castle are situated only a few minutes from our Hotel Bavaria in Merano / Meran.

Trauttmansdorff castle

Around 1300 the castle was mentioned for the first time in scriptures, then known as Neuberg castle. In 1543 Nikolaus of Trauttmansdorff acquired the castle. However, he soon lost interest in the building, moved away and the fort started going to ruin.

In 1846 Lord Joseph of Trauttmansdorff found out about this castle, which had been abandoned by his relatives, and started renovating the damaged and neglected fort. From now on, the fort was called Trauttmansdorff castle. The Imperial Knight Moritz von Leon inherited Trauttmansdorff castle in 1867 and it was only few years later that Empress Sis resided in the castle. At the end of the 19th century Merano / Meran was already known far beyond the borders for its mild, soothing Mediterranean climate.

A large landowner from the surroundings of Würzburg, Baron von Deuster, bought Trauttmansdorff castle in the year 1897, ordered to redesign one hall in Neo-Rococo and erected a marble bench in honour of Empress Sisi. After World War I the baron was dispossessed and the castle became part of the relief fund for Italian soldiers. During World War II Trauttmansdorff castle was used as a storage by German military and started decaying and deteriorating. The goods belonging to the castle were rented out to farmers.

1977 Trauttmansdorff castle became property of the autonomous province of Bolzano/Bozen. The old building was renovated and on the 15th of March 2003 the Touriseum opened its doors in the Trauttmansdorff castle.

Botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff castle

The botanical gardens surrounding Trauttmansdorff castle extend over an impressing twelve hectares. The botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff castle were inaugurated in 2001 and have been a true peoples' magnet ever since. The variety of plants, which grow here, is unrivalled. In 2005, after only four years, the gardens were named the most beautiful gardens of Italy! 2006 Trauttmansdorff celebrated a gigantic success: the gardens were named the 6th most beautiful gardens in Europe and in 2013 one of the most beautiful garden estates in the world.

The enchanting gardens of Merano / Meran offer over 80 garden landscapes from all over the world, with sun, wood, water and terrace gardens. What a great place for extensive strolls, exploring flora and fauna - a dream come true for botanics and everyone who loves flowers, their colours and sweet fragrance. If you appreciate the beauty of nature, you will be over the moon in Trauttmansdorff gardens. Explore the greens surrounding the castle, spend unforgettable summer nights in these gardens, visit one of the numerous events held here and indulge in this impressive mix of alpine, Mediterranean and exotic world!

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