Our Hotel in Merano / Meran
Our Hotel in Merano / Meran
Our Hotel in Merano / Meran
Our Hotel in Merano / Meran
Our Hotel in Merano / Meran
Kind service, gourmet bliss in elegant ambience, relaxation in the well-tended garden – all that is holiday in the Hotels Bavaria & Palma.

A 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran with 4-star service

The 3-Star Hotel Palma in Merano/Meran will impress you

Our 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran, Hotel Palma is situated directly next to our Hotel Bavaria in Maia Alta / Obermais, the residential quarters of Merano / Meran, and is one of the most traditional buildings in town, offering the optimal value for your money. Although Palma is a 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran, guests enjoy the 4-star service of Hotel Bavaria.

Our 3-star Hotel Palma in Merano / Meran offers rooms only. All things entertaining, relaxing and culinary are taking place next door at Hotel Bavaria; here you find the dining hall, indoor and outdoor pool, lobby and hotel bar which are available to guests of Hotel Palma as much as to those of Hotel Bavaria - at no extra fee. Those who stay at Hotel Palma reside in a 3-star hotel, but get to enjoy all 4-star services offered at Hotel Bavaria - a holiday dream come true!

Our 3-star hotel Palma in Merano / Meran then

In the second half of the 19th century, Peter Berger from Vipiteno/Sterzing acquired a large property on the formerly close-to vacant site above St George's church - today the site is known as the exclusive residential area Maia Alta / Obermais. In 1874 he ordered the construction of Petersburg guesthouse. It was the first guesthouse in Maia Alta / Obermais and was impressive with its - for the period - highly modern equipment, offering central heating and wash basins with running, hot water in every room.

Mostly spa guests stayed in the 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran then, as the town had gained wide international recognition as spa destination due to its mild climate which is highly beneficial for your health. The treatments offered included the whey and grape treatment as well as treatments with spring water containing radon, which is used today in Terme Merano/Therme Meran [Thermal Baths]. Guests came from all over Europe with writers and artists such as Arthur Schnitzler, Rainer Maria Rilke, Béla Bartòk and various aristocrats.

Even Empress Elisabeth "Sisi" of Austria resided in Merano / Meran in 1870, 1871, 1872, 1886 and 1889 because her favourite brother and Doctor of Medicine Duke Carl Theodor of Bavaria lived here for a duration of 15 years. On the 1st of March 1885 he and his retinue moved to Villa Bavaria -Hotel Bavaria today - and practiced medicine as an ophthalmologist or eye doctor in the facilities. Soon he moved his retinue to the nearby Petersburg guesthouse which today is known as our 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran. During this time, the spa town gained a lot of international recognition, especially due to the long visits of Empress Sisi. In 1881, Merano / Meran was annexed to the railway, allowing a wider public to travel to the spa town.

In the 1920s Dr Hans Berger, dentist and son of Peter Berger, who once built the Petersburg guesthouse, took over the guesthouse with his wife Hilda Ladurner-Berger. Now South Tyrol was part of Italy and henceforth the Petersberg guesthouse needed an Italian name: the 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran was named "Palma".

During World War II the town of Merano / Meran served as a military hospital and our 3-star Hotel Palma became a residence for medical doctors. When the political and economic situation gained more stability, Hilda Ladurner-Berger started managing the guesthouse with her son Dr Hans Berger, a dentist like his father. Eventually Annemarie Krista-Berger, wife of Dr Hans Berger, took over the guesthouse, ordering renovations and extensions. After the completion of works, the 3-star Hotel Palma in Merano / Meran became the leading address for guests coming to the South Tyrolean Mountains for wellness, business or hiking, or simply to enjoy the Mediterranean climate of the spa town.

Annemarie Krista-Berger's outstanding cooking skills and her very personal and engaging way of managing the 3-star hotel made the house famous in Merano / Meran. Every year numerous regular guests spent many weeks in Hotel Palma. Annemarie managed the 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran until the 1990s when Palma was joined with Hotel Bavaria which by now was property of the Berger family.

Our 3-star Hotel Palma in Merano / Meran now

This is how the former Petersburg guesthouse became our 3-star Hotel Palma. Dr Kurt Berger, specialist for physical medicine and son of Annemarie Krista and Dr Hans Berger, established a doctor's office for physical medicine where he has been offering medical wellness to the guests of both houses ever since.

Our 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran with 4-star service is a charming historic building. The rooms offer high ceilings and an extremely cosy amosphere. The large park with long-standing trees, the quiet location in Maia Alta / Obermais, the proximity to promenades and city centre, the Sisi Trail leading to Trauttmansdorff castle and all the other nearby sights in Merano / Meran [Sights] make of our 3-star hotel in Merano / Meran an extremely attractive holiday destination for everyone who appreciates stylish ambience, excellent cuisine and heavenly moments of relaxation.

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