Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
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Thermal baths in Merano / Meran – wellness in the heart of the spa town

Thermal baths Merano/Meran: wellbeing for body and soul

The thermal baths Terme Merano/Therme Meran opened their doors in 2005, offering locals and guests relaxation and wellness on highest level ever since. Star designer Matteo Thun has planned the interior design of the thermal baths, putting a lot of attention to detail. The result is a heavenly ambience with many colours and shapes, creating the ideal setting to relax and rebalance. Everything in and about Terme Merano/Therme Meran is in perfect balance, creating a true spa paradise.

The many window fronts of the thermal baths in Merano / Meran create the illusion of being outdoors, linking the interior of the spa to its exterior. Here you will experience a feeling of freedom, of contentment and inner balance that will stay with you for a long time to come.

What's special about the thermal baths in Merano / Meran is that the 26 rooms for massages and beauty treatments are situated on the upper floor. They are flooded with daylight and offer heavenly views over the thermal park of approx. 50,000 m² with its perfectly tended greens, century-old majestic trees, outdoor pools and turtles at the water lily pond. The park in the heart of the spa town is a true treasure and those who relax here in summer are happy, simply looking at the impressive natural scenery. If you look at the thermal baths of Merano / Meran from the park, you will find yourself mesmerised by the beauty of the South Tyrolean Mountains surrounding the alpine-mediteranean spa town.

The termal baths Merano / Meran offer the entire palette

The thermal baths in Merano / Meran are not only a true sight for sore eyes, but also highly soothing for body and soul. You find a broad range of relaxing possibilities in these spectacular facilities. The thermal baths of Merano / Meran offer an incredible 25 indoor and outdoor pools including sports pool, saltwater pool, spring water pool, kids' pool and several whirlpools.

The sauna world of the thermal baths in Merano / Meran invite to unwind and let go of all worries. The heartwarming heat and the fragrant vapour, stemming from pouring water onto hot coals, aids to feel at peace, is calming and deeply soothing. If you are looking for a special way to cool-off after sauna, visit the fascinating snow room: here real snow is falling directly from the ceiling and you will feel as if you were on the North Pole.

The beauty spa in the thermal baths in Merano / Meran is all about looking good and feeling radiant, with manicures and pedicures, massages, facial treatments, romantic spa packages for two, baths and much more. All treatments are exclusively performed with natural products from South Tyrol: mountain hew, sheep wool, apple, whey, herbs, mountain pine, edelweiss and grape.

All those who suffer of health complaints or would like to learn how to better take care and look after themselves and their body, will find a professional medical team at the Medical Spa of Terme Merano/Therme Meran. Here you can undergo a thorough check-up and receive a specially designed therapy plan, made of thermal baths, fango wraps, inhalations, physiotherapy sessions, nutrition counselling or a weight-loosing programme, whatever is suitable for your individual needs.

The fitness centre of Terme Merano/Therme Meran offers various courses all year round: here you find everything from Zumba to aqua gym, Pilates and yoga to spinning ans boxing as well as the latest fitness trends. Use our whole range of offers at Terme Merano/Therme Meran and visit this wellness oasis during your stay in Hotel Bavaria in Merano / Meran. We wish you unlimited relaxation!

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