Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
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Medical Wellness in South Tyrol

Medical Wellness in South Tyrol: the most pleasant kind of holiday

Wellness in South Tyrol is in high demand and of increasing importance for a successful holiday. If you suffer health problems, then many of the wellness treatments may not be ideal for you. Dr Kurt Berger and his team may have a solution for you. Visit them in Hotel Palma, which is part of our Hotel Bavaria in Merano / Meran and located just next door.

Dr Berger offers medical wellness in South Tyrol in his doctor's office for physical medicine and rehabilitation in the 3-star Hotel Palma in Merano / Meran. The approach of medical wellness lies in soothing the health troubles of our guests and thus making their lives as healthy and relaxing as possible.

Introducing medical wellness in South Tyrol

Medical wellness in our hotel involves an elaborate individual wellness programme for each guest, designed by our team: specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation Dr Kurt Berger, psychologist Dr Tanja Höllrigl, qualified physiotherapist Kathrin Lun and movement therapist Christian Villella. Our guests follow their respective programme under medical supervision, easing their complaints, increasing their vitality potential and activating their self-healing powers. Medical wellness in South Tyrol introduces you to a healthy, yet delightful life style.

Wellness in general and medical wellness in South Tyrol in particular, have become highly important, due to our fast-paced and modern way of life. Rushed, hasty eating, lack of exercise and no daily routine leave you yearning for a slower pace, a healthy life style and inner stillness. An unbalanced, stress-driven life is the main reason for physical complaints. A lack of healthy eating habits, exercise and daily routine lead to the emergence and development of illnesses such as back and joint complaints, rheumatism, metabolism and circulation disturbances, high blood pressure and overweight and may cause headache, vertigo, menopause complaints and reduce concentration and performance levels.

Medical wellness in South Tyrol: downtime to focus on your health

The team of Dr Kurt Berger has chosen to follow the path of medical wellness with the mission to soothe all health complaints and thus drastically and sustainably improve the quality of life. Here health is of utmost importance for everyone and what better time to focus on recovery than during your holidays, when daily troubles are far away and you are relaxing, focusing on your wellbeing and on doing yourself something good.

In the doctor's office of Dr Berger we look at the individual as a whole. Our medical wellness team in South Tyrol considers the combination of physical, mental and spiritual aspects and orders an extensive medical consultation before choosing a treatment. In our outpatients clinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation we also offer function-oriented examinations and an accurate diagnosis. Afterwards our guest receives a custom-made treatment and relaxation programme.

Medical wellness in South Tyrol – treatment methods

The custom-made medical wellness programme in South Tyrol includes treatments from the following fields:

  • Manual medicine
  • Osteopathic medicine
  • Neural therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Movement & exercise therapy
  • Massage therapy

Here you also find selected treatments which make use of physical powers such as electro-, thermo-, mechano- and hydrotherapy. All treatments offered during your medical wellness holiday in South Tyrol are conducted by a medical doctor or a qualified medical therapist.

Medical wellness in South Tyrol – particular focus lies on prevention

The team of Dr Berger knows: prevention of health complaints is key. Our professional staff focuses on researching the risk factors, determining unfavourable constellations before they can cause further complaints. Medical wellness in South Tyrol does not only consist in the treatment of already existing troubles, but for a greater part also in preventing future ones - with a fun fitness programme and helpful tips concerning nutrition and exercise to take home with you, and much more.

Medical Wellness in South Tyrol – the team

Our team consists of:
Dr Kurt Berger, specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation
Dr Tanja Höllrigl, psychologist
Kathrin Lun, certified physiotherapist
Christian Villella, movement therapist

Dr Kurt Berger, specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation
Dr Tanja Höllrigl, psychologist

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