Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Wellness & Relaxation
Kind service, gourmet bliss in elegant ambience, relaxation in the well-tended garden – all that is holiday in the Hotels Bavaria & Palma.

Upscale wellness in Merano / Meran

Wellness – Merano/Meran & Hotel Bavaria have all the trumps

Wellness in Merano / Meran means relaxation, wellbeing and delight in a spectacular natural surrounding. Here, wellness can not only be understood in the classic sense of the term - with soothing treatments, massages and sauna visits, but also in the broader sense: indulging in sweet "dolce far niente", in tranquillity and peace, sweet idleness. If you choose a holiday in Hotel Bavaria in Maia Alta / Obermais, you do not find yourself in a classical wellness hotel, but in an elegant and noble house with long tradition, a place where the entire team contributes to the wellbeing of every single guest by means of genuine hospitality and engaging service.

Wellness in Merano / Meran à la Hotel Bavaria

For us wellness in Merano / Meran means above all that our guests feel welcome. We invite you to feel good, to gather new energy, to indulge in gourmet creations and to spend a carefree, easy time in Merano and environs, leaving you fulfilled and letting you forget all about daily life back home.

After all, holidays are about shutting out the world, about focusing on you and your company, with nothing on your mind, but how to best spend your free time. We gladly offer you our advice for special excursions, tips for your hikes, for coming events in Merano / Meran and much more.

Wellness in Merano / Meran is also about offering the eye what it wants

For our guests, wellness in Merano / Meran is also about finding a cosy place on our terrace or in our far-reaching garden - in the shade of a cedar, beside a fragrant oleander, a gigantic juniper, the roses by the pool or nestled under the high trees near our dining hall - about enjoying the view to the flourishing hortensia, the majestic conifers, the light-blue facade of Bavaria with its bright white, ornate balcony reelings, the still surface of our pool, sparkling in the sun, the bright blue sky above Merano / Meran.

Wellness in Merano / Meran in the classic sense of the term

For us, all of these things are pure wellness! But of course Merano / Meran with its long spa tradition offers also soothing wellness in the classic sense of the term. Since 2005 you get to relax in the thermal baths of Merano / Meran, offering the whole palette. Here you find everything you need to relax during your wellness holiday in Merano / Meran, from diverse indoor and outdoor pools to a park of 52,000 m² to a fantastic sauna oasis, to a beauty spa and a medical spa...

Medical wellness in Merano / Meran

Also in our Hotel Bavaria with pools, steambath and whirlpool you find a variety of wellness treatments: massages, facials and a variety of packs and wraps. In the adjacent Hotel Palma, which belongs to Bavaria, you also find the doctor's office of hotel owner Dr Kurt Berger, specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation, offering medical wellness together with psychologist Dr Tanja Höllrigl, qualified physiotherapist Kathrin Lun and movement therapist Christian Villella.

Medical wellness can be defined as a specially designed wellness programme performed under medical supervision, which helps soothe health troubles such as high blood pressure, rheumatism, metabolic disturbances or migraine. Medical wellness focuses on rebalancing body and mind, with health, its preservation and recovery as its single aim.

Wellness in Merano / Meran to take home with you

Experience a special kind of wellness in Merano / Meran - a holistic, all-comprising experience, if you so wish - and find yourself developing an entirelly new idea of wellbeing, relaxation and culinary delight. The experiences and insights gathered during your holiday at Hotel Bavaria and Palma are also adaptable to your every day life and this is key: to remind yourself every day of the importance of your health, also when your holiday has already ended. We wish you a successful and full recovery with the aid of our diverse approaches regarding wellness in Merano / Meran - in sum: a pleasant stay!

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